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We are Green-Kenya Family!

A family that believes in the future of the children.

Who we are

Green-Kenya is a non-Profit Organization that has grown into a credible sport for Development Organization in the community, we are a social and a community based program working in challenging environment using football as a vehicle for social change and happiness in Nairobi by engaging the youths in meaningful activity that positively impacts the community. We work with children from the age of 9-19 years

Green-Kenya programs are; Female empowerment that is, Wasichana Juu/Girl Up, Leadership and governance, Community Impact Program (CIP) that include Environmental Conservation, conflict resolution and Peace. We emphasize how young people can learn by doing and how to be responsible in the community. Green-Kenya seeks to create a youth development program which provides a wide variety of enrichment.

The purpose of Green-Kenya is to help young people discover and develop their potential. We encourage young people to set their own goals and make their own plans and decisions. These two basic skills help youth achieve a happy and useful life.

Our Direction

A world in which youth and adult learn, grow and work together as catalysts for positive change

To give our children a green future through Sports

The long term vision of Green-Kenya is to tailor our environmental conservation program (Kick and Conserve) to work concurrently with formal and non-formal primary school pupils in Kenya to increase the awareness of climate change and its effect, but more so, the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection in their communities and different places they are going to be after primary school level.

  • To create alternative towards cutting of trees as source of fuel.
  • To increase the awareness of climate change and its effect through capacity building.
  • Develop leadership and assume responsibility in achieving a green Kenya
  • Use soccer as a tool to tackle social issues and create a lasting change in our community, country and the world.
  1. Strengthen the resilience and life skills of Children through social football sessions.
  2. Training community youth leaders in Green-Kenya methodology and leadership skills in general to become possibly community coaches and lead the program in the future and increase their chance on the labor market.
  3. Increase the socio capital towards the creation and maintenance of safety for Children in the community
  4. Train partner schools to improve practice and theory of teaching using Green-Kenya curriculum.
  • Health and wellness – we recognize the importance of self-care to both the young and the society at large and we encourage the wellbeing of the mind, body and soul
  • Dignity – we believe that all humans should be treated with dignity from all walks of life
  • Equality – we are committed to the highest standard of ethics and equality to the environment we inhabit and the society we serve
  • Respect – we strive to create an environment of mutual respect and encouragement- a working environment that rewards commitment and in response to the needs of coaches and their families
  • Inclusion – we believe that for us to bring sustainable change, we need to include both the young people and our senior citizens, differently able-bodied at all levels