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We are thrilled to announce that in 2020, The Child Protection Policy and education will be a priority requirement for all physical education teachers and local coaches who are taking part in Green-Kenya programs both in schools and at the community level.

According to statistics the perpetrators who abuse Children are those who spend a lot of time with them e.g. teachers, priests, house helps, coaches etc.

We can make a difference creating awareness about the importance of respecting children’s rights among the coaches who spend most of the time with Children especially when schools are closed for long holidays. This way, we’ll cultivate a path that will not only ensure that Children are aware of their rights but also meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (UNSDGs)

Green-Kenya has therefore taken the initiative to teach Grass root coaches who are taking part in Green-Kenya youth league, physical education teachers in Community Impact Program, Kick and Conserve , Sports for social impact consultancy and football academy how to ensure that their schools, community, teachers and surrounding are Coaches safe, Child Safe, organization and community safe. This policy shall be strengthened with the help of our partner Coaches. 

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