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Global Giving Report for March

The preparation of the 5th edition of kick and conserve tournament gained momentum a meeting with teachers who have shown interest to participate in the tournament. The theme of the 5th edition will be “The Importance of Soil to Life”, highlighting the importance of soil to food production and people’s health, and examining how the pressure on the environment and climate changes are threatening the quality of soil and especially in sub- Saharan Africa.

Kick and Conserve Tournaments are tailored to provide environmental awareness.  We stress the fragility of our environment, the importance of its conservation and the roles we all can play as environmental stewards. The program involves Environmental Discussion Sessions, Environmental Games and Fair Play (football). For a team to emerge as the winner, they must take part in each activity and gain enough points to move on

Community Impact Program has given birth to 2 other vital programs in Mukuru Slums.

A CIP session in progress at Mukuru

What other plans do you have for our Children when the schools are closed?. What will they be doing at home?

These were some of the question that teachers and parents were asking our community coaches when the schools were about to go to recess, and as an organization, we went to the drawing board to find out what can we do to keep our participants busy over the holidays.

We were able to come up with two other programs, that is Wasichana Juu/Girls Up and Green-Kenya Youth league; this is a football league for Under 13 year old boys and girl. The league takes place every Saturdays and Sunday. The field that Green-Kenya community coaches uses to conduct community impact program during the week has become a beehive of activities seven days in a week.

  • Youth league
Participants in the youth league ready for a match

The league become one of the most attractive league in Mukuru kwa njenga community, with just five weeks of play, all the teams are working hard to maintain the top spot, top scorer, best players and best coaches. The league has attracted 8 teams, 7 boys’ and 1 girl’s with a total of 159 young players, 133 are boys with 84% and 26 girls which is 16 %. The youth league is taking place in one of the community fields in Mukuru where the Community Impact Program has been taking place during school program. Green-Kenya youth leaders are the match officials and will identify the best players in the league.

Since there were no girl’s teams to enroll in the league, we decided to register Wasichana Juu / Girls Up team to participate in the league. Being the only girls team, in a boys dominated game has not stopped the girls from playing the game they admire.

We hope that by incorporating the girls in the boys league will challenge more girls teams to come out and take part in out-door activities.

Inclusion of female participants in the football league

We believe that every girl deserves a chance to realize her full potential. Not just because she deserves to thrive, but because when she succeeds so does her family, her friends, her community, and the world. Today, in too many moments, in too many parts of the world, there aren’t opportunities for women and girls to learn, contribute, and thrive.  

 Wasichana Juu is female only program, based on the Coaches Across Continents model of development through sport. This unique forum provides an opportunity for girls (9 – 19 yrs), living in the poorest neighborhoods of Nairobi to participate in a guided open dialogue of health (physical, sexual, psychological), safety (personal, environmental) and leadership (effective leaders, inclusivity, public speaking) while engaging them in physical activity. Studies show that exercise in children helps them focus better, retain more information, improve sleep and build self-confidence.

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