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Community Impact Program is a 7-month program where youth are taught to address various social issues. Every month we discuss different challenges directly affecting young people. Community role models and trained coaches deliver weekly, sports themed activities to prompt conversations promoting healthy behaviors.

Community Impact Program comprises of different social issues that we address through Sports, These social issues are but not limited to:

  • Environmental Conservation. This program teaches young people how they can conserve the environment by planting more trees, how to reduce the pollution of environment through proper disposal of garbage. The program uses sports themed activities that allow young people to explore issues concerning environment and how they can be change agents. The skills included decision making, communication and critical thinking, adult change makers in the community. The intervention is conducted by Green-Kenya volunteers, a conglomerate of community impact Coaches and adult change makers in the community. Skills have proven to teach youths on how to achieve a happy and successful life.
  • HIV/AIDS (Green-Future) “Green-Future” Program uses soccer as a vehicle/tool to deliver life skills and HIV Education to young people from 10-19 years old. Community role models/ Community impact coaches (CICs) deliver activities based curriculum (this guide) that uses analogies and language from the game of soccer to deliver messages and key conversations that promotes healthy behaviors.

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