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February 28th 2018. Milton Ope, writes about his experience as a volunteer with Green-Kenya during Community Impact program in school

“Think of yourself as dead,” These were the words that ran through my mind one peaceful evening. What will people remember about me when I’m gone? Truly this boggled my mind and when I came across Green-Kenya it was the genesis of my journey.

My first day to report was on a Monday. Although it started out quite off key when our matatu dropped us off elsewhere in Kayole it was a success in the end. We eventually got to the office and found the weekly meeting ongoing. There I met new individuals who are members of the Green-Kenya team. After introductions and a quick briefing on the meeting it was time for work.

We began filling in the Resilience scores and the Registration forms of the pupils in both the Jovial Farrell and the Splash Community School. Although it was not a walk in the park we managed to do a remarkable job in my own words.

We moved on to making of sessions as days went by. Sessions were to kick off in the month of February. The sessions were quite an experience for me as I got to relate with kids from under privileged backgrounds. Their oomph is what blew my mind. Despite their surroundings and the prevailing circumstances they still could afford to wear a smile on their faces. The sessions taught me a valuable life lesson that it’s not about your circumstances it’s about what you’re made of.

Proceeding through the days I liked helping out where I could although it had its fair share of challenges not to mention the long walks we had to make and also the scorching midday sun we had to endure during the sessions.

Green-Kenya has taught me how to properly use my e mail and also the importance of punctuality and time keeping. The Kick n’ Conserve meetings were also a wonderful experience as I got to put to proper use my skills of minute writing. I also got a chance to appreciate the environment through games like pick up and get clean. I also got a chance to meet individuals from the Nation Media who came to the Splash Community School including Chris Osodo and Kobi Kihara. It was a wonderful experience to be interviewed on her show and also a chance to see my handsome face on television which is all thanks to Green-Kenya.

Personally I appreciate what Green-Kenya is doing as it is quite an unheard of thing in these times we are living in. I have big hopes for Green-Kenya and I see them going places in the near future. I see them reaching out to many children in different schools far and wide. I see more and more volunteers coming through to participate. Truly the future is bright for Green-Kenya. I honestly think that some of the members are too reluctant in working and also have very poor communication skills. I think their input is very crucial and important in the progress of the organization. They should up their game as soon as possible.

As I head out to venture into the world I would like to thank Green-Kenya for what it has done for me as an individual. The transformation has been tremendous. Although challenges may come our way such as eviction from our office the Lord will give us the strength to overcome as He always does if we put our trust and faith in Him. Truly we are headed to greater heights.