#Green-Kenya 4

September 22nd 2018, Founder David Mulo, reflects on how it all began 4 Years ago #Green-Kenya at 4

It all began in Shauri moyo in 2014, when I visited Splash Community School to have a chat with then head teacher Mr. Ashivaka to discuss about the passion that was burning deep down inside of me.  I had developed in to a role model and leader in football. The only thing that I asked the head teacher was to give me at least 30minues with his pupils once a week and sure enough, he granted my wish. Little did I know that his acceptance will spark the birth and growth of Green-Kenya

We started with about 50 participants from one school; 30minutes a week, the sessions were scheduled on Fridays only. Today, Green-Kenya has grown into a credible sport for Development Organization in the community, we are a social and a community based program working in challenging environment using football as a vehicle for social change and happiness in Nairobi by engaging the youths in meaningful activity that positively impacts the community.

We have tailored and made Community impact program, Wasichana Juu/ Girls Up Program and Leadership and development curriculums. We have a developed Kick and Conserve in and out of school, a concept that teaches young people how to conserve through tournaments. These programs combined have impacted 3155 Children, from Mukuru, Shauri Moyo, Buruburu, majengo in Nairobi, Kwale and Kilifi Counties. Our programs have been aired several times in national television many times attracting the attention of young people and the country at large.

We have gone a notch higher to develop corporate team building that is tailored to enhance social relations for leaders and the staff who are working towards meeting certain objectives in their day to day work and 2 football academies in the communities that we work in.

To our partners, donors and friends, you have been the strength beneath our wings over the years, on behalf of Green-Kenya I would like to thank you very much for your support. I am optimistic that we are moving to greater heights together.

This kind of work could not have been possible without the help and dedication of many volunteers that have given their time and resources to create sustainable communities. With passion and dedication, we celebrate 4th year anniversary #Green-Kenya4.

David Mulo

Founder and Executive Director.

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