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March 12th 2018.Desmond Charles , writes about his experience as a volunteer with Green-Kenya during Community Impact program in school

I came to Green Kenya some few months ago not expecting much but an escape from the boredom of staying at home as a form four leaver oblivious of the great adventures and great life experiences that lay ahead of me. I have to admit I was greatly fascinated of how such a small organization as Green-Kenya was able to make such a great impact to the community as whole leading me to conclude that you can be the giant that you choose to be or the dwarf that you choose to be.

Sooner than I had expected I became attached to the Green Kenya that I once knew so little about, the experience had started being great that I tagged my pal ( Tonny Ope alias ‘stero ) and we were soon walking together to the Green-Kenya office.

It didn’t take me a long before I started learning some of the most fundamental and most important life lessons through David and my fellow Green-Kenya staff and also through the many community impact sessions we attended with the children.

One of the lessons that I learned during the short stay at G-K was team work and how it was critical for smooth running and development of any organization. The teamwork at G-K was evident at how we brought our heads together to come up with sessions and to solve problems that arose every once in a while.

Despite that I also learned to appreciate the little that we are given or we have in as the saying goes ( don’t focus so much on what you don’t have that you will forget to enjoy what you have  ). Sometimes while at Green-Kenya we lacked some lunch or even transport go to our sessions but we used the little we had and thanked God considering the fact that the children who we were going to mentor and tutor were facing bigger challenges than we were.

My happiest moments at Green-Kenya was interacting with the children and mentoring the children hailing from different walks of life that made me feel much important and more use full in life compared to my fellow teenagers who would rather stay back at home.

As I sign off my dream is that Green-Kenya would one day sprout from the grass roots and grow to a large established institution known globally and even change the name to Green-Kenya international. In conclusion joining Green-Kenya has been one of the most life changing experiences that I have ever had as a teenager, big up Green-Kenya .