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My Online Education Program (OEP) Experience

CIP Session in progress

Nairobi, Kenya. After graduating from campus, like any other typical Kenya student I was anticipating to get into the job market, get employed and let life roll as fate would have it. Little did I know what awaits and just how much things would change and unfold in a way I never imagined neither dreamt of. Many things happened, one leading to another then, Green-Kenya! That’s where I’ll focus. I joined this organization in 2017, that’s when I first heard the term ‘Sports for Development’ but had no clue whatsoever of what that meant. In the course of engaging in the organizational activities and engagements, I began to understand the concept and wanted to find out more about the subject. That’s when I was informed about Online Education Program (OEP) by Coaches Across Continents (CAC) who are partners of Green-Kenya.

In 2018, I then enrolled to OEP which is a training program guiding one to understand how to use sports to address different social issues. The training has three stages namely; Implement, Adapt and Create. The first stage is an introductory giving one understanding of Sports for Development and giving you the opportunity to use games done by other people to teach your community. The second stage, Adapt; entails a deeper understanding of the discipline and allows you to modify games by other people in the network to fit the needs of your community. The final stage requires you to develop a new game with a social message and use it in the community and also avail it for use by others in the network. All these stages take three months each. This was an amazing time as I learnt a lot, I have dispensed just the tip of the iceberg for purposes of this article.

Apart from what I’ve mentioned above, I had the opportunity to learn how to use the Sports Session Planner (SSP) and Facebook workplace which I would not have had access to anywhere else. The knowledge gained has also boosted my morale and confidence in delivering the sessions during our Community Impact Program. Before the training, I used to doubt the quality in delivery but not anymore.

Participants in CIP giving a shout-out at the end of the session

Green-Kenya teaches through sports and we address different social issues every month, it is very important for the coaches to have knowledge of how to relate social issue with football, which I now have. The ripple effect of what I have learnt is now being felt in two communities in Nairobi with more than 300 Children taking part in the session.

We all have dreams and visions which make us focused to keep going. However, as we tread the path of life, the dreams start unveiling and the vision gets clearer with the assistance of different people and events. OEP was such an aider in fulfilling and delivering my purpose. When I count my blessings and progress for the past year, OEP will always be part of my story.

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