Kick and Conserve

Kick and Conserve is held twice a year and it brings all participants that Green-Kenya is impacting in various primary schools. It involves Environmental Discussion Session before the game start to prepare the participants the essence of the game, followed by Environmental Games/ Activities that are soccer them themed tagged and the (Fair Play). The fair play involves the soccer matches for both boys and girls.

For a team to emerge the winner in the Kick and Conserve, all players that have been registered in the tournament sheet must participate in environmental Discussion session, Environmental games/activities and Fair play. A team gets one point per player per activity in Environmental discussion and environmental discussion and normal 3 points in fair play. A team is allowed to register 15 players and they have to gunner 33 points.

Kick and Conserve our environment is in line with Green-Kenya objective to increase the awareness of climate change and its effect through capacity building at the grass root and Conserve

Mike Arrum Project (MAP)

Mike Arrum Project (MAP) was established in 2009 as a community based project with an aim of discovering and rehabilitating young talents in Kariakor, Ziwani, California and Eastleigh and its environs through Soccer. These areas were once regarded as one of Nairobi’s most dangerous and notorious places that lead to realization of the youth facing distinction.

Mike Arrum project is engaging the youths in these areas in a more positive and productive way. The youths have been able to spend more time on the field, practicing and playing soccer shifting their idle time from crime to soccer. The main objective of (MAP) is to give both boys and girls an opportunity not only to play soccer but to network, give women a voice to be heard in the community.