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April 7th 2018. David Kisache, writes about his experience as a volunteer during Kick and Conserve Tournament for the first time

Life gives an opportunity for each one of us to try out the best of who we can become. Nature however on its own is not sufficient to make this possible. The human input is an important aspect towards the realization of this great goal. Opportunity is all that humanity seeks to bring forth their best foot and prove their potential to others and more so, to themselves. It is out of this that self-confidence and belief in oneself is promoted. On March 24th 2018, one such opportunity was availed through a great tournament, Kick and Conserve 4th Edition at Baraka Primary School in Buruburu.

The morning was cool and the weather calm with a patch of feathery clouds clear in the sky with a slight mix of sunrays that were making their way in the sky. The scene was spectacular and promising, a good sign for such a great day. The organizing team (community impact coaches) were already on the ground winding up on the chores and setting up the venue ready for the tournament. Participants from different schools together with their cheering squads were streaming in one after the other. In a short while, all the teams were on ground zero ready to handle the day appropriately.

Smiles were evident and it was clear that the expectations were indeed high. A joyful mood consumed the entire place. The opening ceremony was colorful as the participants from different schools in their different attire made a parade march towards the field with the captains holding the Kenyan flag, I could feel the patriotism in the atmosphere. They formed a rectangle around one half of the field and the national anthem was sang in unison. A round of applause followed after the anthem was complete and a shout of joy ensued as the teams dispersed to start off the competition.

Football was running concurrently with the environmental games and discussions. The participation was amazing as the kids were in high spirits and the cheering squad was also on point. They freely expressed their joy and disappointments as the games went on. Such an opportunity is not common and only during such events do they find the unlimited freedom of expression.

As with any other competition, there are winners. However, there are no losers in the Kick and Conserve! We only have potential winners! This makes this event one of its own kind and spectacular in nature. Awards were given to the winners of the day who were consumed with joy as the potential winners joined them in celebration. This was a clear depiction of the power of sports in bringing together people from different backgrounds to showcase their talent on a fair ground. Such opportunities ought to be treasured and guarded jealously.

Football, develops positive behaviors and equips young people with knowledge that helps youth make right choices. Climate change and other threats to our environment have an impact on everyone’s life and people around the world need to be aware of environmental matters and the conservation techniques.