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The team

David Mulo
Founder and Executive Director

David graduated with High Diploma in communications from East African School of Media studies. He has volunteered and worked in the field for sports for social impact for since 2010, David has conducted sports for social impact in Kenya and Malawi as a community impact coach. He has taken part in high level sport for development training with organizations like Coaches across continents, United Nations Sport for development and peace, International Olympic Trice Centre among others.

In 2014 he founded Green-Kenya, which has impacted thousands of Children in Kenya helping other communities in Africa to develop sports for social impact programs in their communities.

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Arnold Gonna
Monitoring & Evaluation

Gona has been involved in football since he was 5 years, his career was taking an upward trajectory before he had a knee injury that kept him out of football for almost 2 years.  Gonna has been part of Green-Kenya since the beginning of 2020, and he is part of the monitoring and evaluation team for all G-K program

David Kisache
Community Impact Coach

Kisache has a Bachelor Degree from the University of Nairobi with a major in Conflict Resolution and Sociology. He joined G-K in 2017 as a community impact coach volunteer, he is also alumni of Online education program conducted by Coaches across continents, he  has been part of Green-Kenya communication department,

He is a great communicator, orator and a speaker on different topics and audiences. Kisache is enjoys working with young people and training them into the change agents. He is also a strong believer in the need to protect and honor the dignity of the human person and champion for the preservation and respect of the same, believes there is a higher authority- God to which humanity is answerable to hence the need to be responsible.

Zipporah Amollo
Wasichana Juu / Girl Up

Zipporah graduated from Kenyatta University with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce. She joined Green-Kenya in 2020 as Wasichana Juu / Girls Up Coordinator.

 “girls should be protected from harmful influences, abuses, and exploitation, a woman’s worth is something that all women are born with and without knowing her worth”,Zipporah intends to be an inspiration and a mentor to the young girls, spread awareness and change mind-sets to ensure that communities and families welcome and celebrate their daughters and help curve a positive self-image and increase their confidence level.

Derrick Aluda
Youth League

Derrick became part of Green-Kenya tem when the youth league began in his community at Uhuru sports ground, he became one of the volunteers who would officiate the matches during weekends, the league was growing and he come in handy, Aluda has featured in National Super League which is one step to Kenya Premier league. Derrick is now the coordinator of Green-Kenya youth in his back yard.

Titus Musyoka
Youth leader - CIP

Titus is one of Green-Kenya youth leaders, he is still in college studying community development. He joined Green-Kenya to learn about sports for social development in 2019 where he volunteered as match official in Green-Kenya youth league in Mukuru where G-K program was taking place. “I started football at the age of 8 at viwandani. I never knew it was a gift from God. I came to realize I love football back in the year 2012 after I joined a soccer team .Football life is tough and only the disciplined, hardworking, and patient ones succeed.

Michael Wasua
Youth League