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When the government through the ministry of education issued an order to close schools indefinitely and avoid crowds and gatherings of any sort, as some of the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, Green-Kenya had to suspend all its programs to comply with the government order on social distancing.

Sessions were terminated halfway through the month. All the other activities like Green-Kenya committee, team training, Girls-Up, Community Impact Program, Youth league, Kick and conserve and Football academy had to be put to a halt temporarily as well. We had planned for the 5Th edition of Kick and Conserve (3 environmental awareness through play). The tournaments were set to take place in March, June, and November respectively.

Community Impact program which engages young people for 7 months in a year had already started gaining momentum. By the time the sessions were cancelled we had 243 participants, conducted 15 sessions with 89% attendance of the sessions from 4 community schools.

We are still hopeful that the planned leadership and development conference that will take place in August, the chances of the conference taking place will greatly depend on the government guidelines on the situation of the pandemic.

Having gone through the new normal, and learning how to cope with it, we can still win as a team by taking part in the bonus day which will take place on July 15th.  Bonus Day, is a day to celebrate and encourage people to donate to charities like Green-Kenya, during this day, donations of $100 – $499 USD will be matched at 15%, donations of $500 – $749 USD will be matched at 30% and donations of $750 – $1,000 USD will be matched at 50%

Your donation will be used to purchase foodstuff for vulnerable families who are greatly affected by the aftermath of Covid-19 in the informal settlement as well as acquiring personal protective equipment for volunteers who will be taking the supplies to the families.

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