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Dealing with children is a passion that I have since my youth, the love that I had for them made me take teaching as a profession. Molding of a child is very good especially when you see the results of how that young person has grown to be a responsible person in society and that’s what drives me as a person every day.

Being in informal settlement is very challenging, through my experience and my education background I want to help the children not to be swallowed by wrong perception, I would love to see that they change their mindset through being a guardian. Creating sessions that can make us come together  and reason and make them see life differently.

I would love to create a learning atmosphere, whereby we can learn how to read,  read storybooks, have fun as we create different mental influential activities. If they can step outside their normal thinking it can really change their life. The kind of background these children come from is very difficult.  I believe I can help these  children another option in life, where they can dream, believe, hope and aspire to be productive young leaders.

G-K-Changing-Mindset-through- Psychosocial-Support

As a teacher and a guardian, I would love to see the everyday small changes that occur as we interact with these children. Currently am doing a guardian and counseling at a diploma level which will be instrumental to guide and help this age group of 8-15 years old.  These children go through a lot in there day to day living. Through my knowledge as a counsellor I will be able to make the children open up to the problems they are facing and to make them feel free in opening up and changing his or her mindset.

Written by Teacher Fidel Garry

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