We support adolescent girls and women to lead a focused lifestyles by taking part in development and providing a broad range of opportunities through Sport

The name “Wasichana” means Girls in Swahili and “Juu” mean up, it literally means Girls Up in English. Wasichana juu program came up as a result of David Mulo visiting Marsabit County, Northern part of Kenya in 2016 where he was volunteering as a community impact coach with Coaches across continents. Together they were teaching young mothers, teenage girls and the community at large the importance of including women in decision making, building the self-esteem, respecting women, abolishing Female Genital Mutilation among other important topic about women empowerment through player.

David found that many young women had agreed with how they were being mistreated by their male counterparts subconsciously, he got curious and decided to question the harmful practices that were directed to one gender even though it was not rampant in Nairobi where he was leaving then.

When he came back after the training program, he decided to make a difference in the community by giving more teenage girls an opportunity to play football where he was conducting sports for social impact with his fellow young people. He shared the vision with Immaculate Auma who was a volunteer then, the idea caught the attention of Immaculate and together, they co-founded Wasichana Juu Program and begun to conduct female empowerment sessions in Shauri Moyo and Mukuru with the help of Coaches across continents, who were providing they year round consultancy support on how to teach through play. Wasichana Juu is now purely led by women and directed by Immacute Auma, the program has now spread in all the schools that Green-Kenya with in Nairobi.

“Wasichana Juu” is a program for adolescent girls of ages between 9-19 years. The program’s campaign is to support girl’s empowerment with the key aim of promoting health, education, leadership and empowerment to build a community of passionate advocates around the community. It has reached more than 500 Adolescent girls in Shauri Moyo, Bahati, Buruburu and Mukuru slums in Nairobi.

Our sessions take place in schools and in community centers where adolescent girls meet to learn about their body, sexually reproductive health and Rights and football. The sessions are delivered by female community coaches who speak the language that is well understood by the participants.

There are points that add up to the football matches that the girls engage in, and they are awarded by the community coaches.