We empower the youth to think positively and constructively about leadership

Our leadership and development program is aimed to guide the youth to think positively and constructively about leadership. It provides the youth with the psychological tools to change the mindsets that have been an obstacle to the development of leadership amongst the youth in Africa.

The program is based on elements that are entitled about leadership and management. It also includes learning activities after each topic so that the facilitators engage the participants fully during the training sessions. Under every session or topic included, there is also a guest speaker who is invited to speak about the topic and give life experiences on the same to the participants.

Leadership and Development

Our Leadership Philosophy

If you do not know who is a leader, and how they look like, you can never ascertain if you saw one. So our definition and concept of true leadership is part of the problem why we cannot find good leaders.

At Green-Kenya, we have core pillars that define our true leadership. First, we believe that, true leadership is not about control, it is about service. Secondly, true leadership is not about power, it is about empowerment. Thirdly, leadership is not about finding people to follow you, it is about purpose to pursue and commit to. True leadership is not about manipulation but inspiration, inspiring people is the highest form of leadership. Last but not least true leadership is more of becoming than doing.

We are convinced that:

  • trapped in every follower there is a hidden leader.
  • Leadership potential resides in every individual
  • Every human was designed to lead and created for dominion.
  • True leadership is self-manifestation.
  • The purpose of true leadership is the production of leaders.