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The year 2020 came and as a norm, people had different resolutions and hopes for the year. For graduates, they hoped to at least secure a job, attachment or internship. For students in their final years, they hoped to get done with school and have a taste of life outside their normalcy. Having completed campus in late September 2019, I had hopes and plans for the year 2020. However, the pandemic struck ( COVID-19)  and this part of the world( Africa) wasn’t spared either.


The pandemic demanded people to work from home and thanks to modern technology, that worked. For Green-Kenya, we have workplace and Green-Kenya email which allows colleagues to communicate, post updates,  interact with each other remotely,  hold meetings online without having to actually travel or meeting physically overcoming geographical barriers, What a time to be alive!

However, despite working online, it was required for us (Green-Kenya team) to meet at least once a week physically. That was not much of a hustle for me, if anything; it was an opportunity to meet other members whom I had not met while working with Green-Kenya. Furthermore, it gave me a chance to present to the team what my tasks for the week were, what I had achieved and what I hoped to achieve in the coming week. Also, that was a chance to ask for clarity from my supervisor for what was not clear.  


Although I was not able to meet rather interact with the children through the various activities i.e tournaments, I am glad and happy that I was able to come up with quite a number of  materials that would help the children and the organization generally. Being the first Intern at G-K, am proud and happy to say that I enjoyed my experience, it wouldn’t have been any better. All thanks to the entire G-K team. I look forward to many more interactions with the organization now and in future.

Blog written by:

Cheryl Chepkurui

Intern at Green-Kenya

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