We enhance the capacity of youth to transform their live and their community through Sports to earn and create employment in Africa

We help the organizations, schools, to develop sports for social impact program in their context, be it in schools or in the community. We also train sports coaches, physical education teachers on how to teach through football and in a fun way.

How does sport affect our society?                             

Sport has both positive and negative impacts on our society. Sport is one of the few things that transcends socio-economic status and brings people together. It encourages people to get off their couches and exercise. By encouraging activity it helps build a healthier society.

We will help you achieve the following within your organization

  1. Developing Effective Environments for Youth Sport
  2. Value based programs /Sports for social impact delivery in schools
  3. On-field training for organizations, coaches and youth leaders
  4. Kick and Conserve Concept
  5. Sports for social impact key note speaking