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Talents of Nairobi (TON) had an insightful interview with our founder, David Mulo about the vision of Green-Kenya as a sport for development organization, its impact in the community, and what is the role of sports in developing the community especially during this time of the pandemic.

“Sport for Development is defined as ‘the intentional use of sport and physical activity as a tool to bring about positive change in the lives of people and communities”  “I would to be remembered as someone who leveled the playing field for everybody to realize their dream irrespective of their gender” said Mulo

The story of TON starts with a strong love for storytelling merged with the determination to tell African stories in their most authentic form. TON dreamt of reading and encountering African stories that are as diverse and as multifaceted as the people of the African continent. The desire is to tell these stories in a way that is respectful to the people to whom they belong.

Talent of Nairobi hope to tell stories of humanity and innovation, feel good stories, ‘heavy’ stories, and everything in between. In the process, they hope to encounter many people creating an impact, no matter how big or small within the communities they belong to. Their commitment to the continent is displayed through the determination to retain the authenticity of the stories told to us and staying away from the trap of telling African stories with a specific gaze in mind.

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