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7th June, Mukuru kwa Ruben, Nairobi: One of our programs that have developed rapidly in recent months is Community Impact Program. The program has evolved and expanded to form two other programs (Youth league and Wasichana Juu) that are transforming the lives of youths in Mukuru kwa Ruben and its environs.

Community Impact Program is based on self-directed learning or participatory model of development through sport. Participatory education is a new to many children as the current Kenyan school system does not strongly support participatory learning. However, the new Competence Based Curriculum introduced last year is a game changer and our programs are in line with the new system. By exposing the children to open discussion and requesting their input, we are teaching them that their opinions are important.  By posing questions on unexplored topics to the youth, we are setting the seeds for critical thinking.

We have so far conducted 57 sessions out of possible 60 sessions to 300 Children who are taking part in Community Impact Program this short is due to exams or public holidays that encroach in our sessions. The youth league has now attracted 380 Children from the age of 15 years and below; 280 of them are boys and 100 are girls. The number of girls attending Green-Kenya sessions in the youth league has increased because more room has been created for girls to participate in the league.

We had 85% attendance in all categories of our programs, compared to 88% in the month of March. This is because many pupils changed schools, from Community Schools  to Government schools especially when they are about to sit for their Kenya Certificate of  Primary Education (KCPE) which gives them an upper hand when it comes to getting a chance in Government  national schools.

Green-Kenya has been running this program in my school and so far almost all the pupils have been participating. It has helped them in that, they are able to express themselves without fear. They can also talk about their issues with us.” Teachers Damaris, House of Prayers Community School

The committee came up after the evaluation meeting with all the five schools whose pupils are taking part in Community Impact Program. The evaluation meeting was geared to get the feedback from the teachers who spend more time with our participant during the lessons. The objective of Green-Kenya committee team is; safe guard the Children from Abuse by people who are well known to them especially in Schools, create safe space for Children to participate in purposeful play, economic empowerment for the growing participants in Green-Kenya programs in Mukuru and to ensure community involvement in Green-Kenya activities.

 We believe that through these kind of engagement, we’ll be able to develop psycho social support in the community and help raise all rounded young people who know that the community cares for them. It will also improve our program delivery by involving the opinion of the larger community that we work in.

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