We are Green-Kenya Family!

A family that believes in the future of the children.

Our Why

Green-Kenya exist to help Sport participants develop not only as athletes, but also as people, to fulfill this quest, we need functional and task-related competencies that are underpinned by knowledge and reflection

We do not exist to coach Children become elite sports men and women rather to grow up as individuals who will live to love physical activities, protect the environment for the rest of their lives and pass the same knowledge to the next generation

Our Theory of Change

We work for a long term sustainability plan to enhance the capacity of the youths to transform their lives through sports.

As an organization we want to advocate to have a model of Sport for development in Primary Schools. We are advocating to have a model of the Community Impact Program added to the current school curriculum.  Recently the Government of Kenya introduced a competency-based curriculum, which can be defined as learner focused and works naturally with independent study with the instructor in the role of facilitator.  Green modeled its divisions after the competency-based curriculum, aligning directly with the goals of the new education system.

Our short term goal is to create conducive environment for Children to acquire knowledge through self-directed learning methodology both on and off the field

Our long term goal is to tailor our programs to work concurrently with formal and informal primary schools’ pupils in Kenya and to offer fun and interactive ways to learn experientially through Sports