We are excited to share with you about the new chapter we have open in our female empowerment program. Initially, the program was called Girl-Up and was rebranded to Women Up after consideration of the inclusion of teenage mothers, we also wanted the program to be for women and fully led by women.

Women Up or \Wanawake juu (in Swahili) is a women-led program within Green-Kenya. The program seeks to equip girls and women to become active citizens globally and achieve UNSDG 5, creating gender equality. It will strengthen the voices of girls and women in the communities, corporations, organizations and other initiatives across the world. We support adolescent girls and women to lead a focused lifestyle by taking part in the development and providing a broad range of opportunities.

The hands in the logo symbolize the role of society to uplift women, the letter W is an abbreviation for Women and the ball represents the use of sport for female empowerment.

This is a game changer in how Sport for development will be conducted in our organization and i would to thank the whole team for taking part in this milestone, to give women a chance for their voices to be heard in the community.
I believe that if we work together as women their is no limit to what we can do.

Written by Immaculate
Women Up Coordinator

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